Professional Recommendations
“In seeing how Amanda works on her projects as an outside, objective observer, I can share that Amanda cares more passionately about the success of her clients than almost anyone I know. She is completely devoted to making sure her clients feel taken care of, get the best possible quality experience and deliverables, and are given the tools and opportunities for ongoing success after their websites are launched. Amanda has become an invaluable resource that clients are now fortunate to have the opportunity to work with."
– Erin Pheil, Owner of Followbright Web Design Agency

“As a Copywriter, I worked on the same creative team with Amanda daily for a period of about a year an a half. Simply stated, her layout approach is clean and intuitive, and her design approach is fresh and creative while keeping everything professional. Her use of colors, fonts, and even the subtlest design elements always gave her projects a more vibrant image. While we worked together it was on a pretty wild project schedule, and Amanda was always on the ball when it came to deadlines. On a personal level, Amanda is kind, easy to talk to, and fun to work with. Her sympathetic nature is probably why she’s so in tune with her clients’ needs. I miss working with her! Without reservation I would recommend her to anyone as a designer for web or print.”
– Andrew de Naray, Senior Copywriter at PaperDirect
Client Reviews
“I was very hesitant at working with a website designer as I have never made such a large investment into my business. I saw Amanda’s work and fell in love with her style and thought we would be a great fit. Amanda was very good at communicating with me throughout the entire website & logo design process. I loved the prep work and planning she had me do before she even started brainstorming ideas for my new logo & website. I also liked that she made videos for me so I knew how to use the website after her work was completed. I have had numerous compliments on both my new logo & website. I have seen an increase in opt-ins as a result of my new website and lay-out of the website. I don’t feel embarrassed about my logo and branding anymore as I have a cohesive plan in place since going through the steps Amanda had me go through for re-branding. I would recommend working with Paper & Crush because they listen to your needs. They truly take the advice & direction that you want to go and make it exactly that. They will modify your project with feedback until they get it perfectly to your liking. They not only have your website in mind but they also want to know your reasoning behind doing various parts of your business. They truly step into the project and help guide you to create the best end product to benefit your business. I loved my experience in creating a new logo & website!”
– Andrea Eilerton, SaFire Training

“You listened and explained things in a way that I understood. You communicated quickly and really took into account my vision of the site. I also liked that you cared so much about my site and what was best for it. Amanda is a great listener and is clear with her communication which makes the process much more simple, especially if this world is new to you. She is patient and delivered information to me in a way that I could most benefit from and she has a great creative eye!”
– Alison Storry, Alison Storry Jewelry

“I felt super comfortable working with you from the start. A fellow Colorado girl and just overall good vibe…I did my homework but knew when I saw your page and read every single testimonial…yes that’s me…that you were the one 🙂 I loved that you always had my best interest at heart and that it was such an easy process for me to just let you take over. You sincerely asked for feedback and if anything ever needed tweaking you just took care of it with a joyful attitude. I was able to totally focus on different aspects of my business and get things taken care of. I was able to relax knowing that the website portion of my business was totally under control. When you are rebranding or putting together a new business, there are a lot of hats to wear. If you hire Amanda, you can be assured that this aspect of your business will be totally handled. It will be done professionally and cheerfully. She communicates brilliantly and gently. If you are on a learning curve to becoming more tech savvy, as I say I am, not to worry. Amanda will take care of it. Think carefully before you hire someone to do your website. It is a huge part of an online business. You can easily find stories of how much time was spent by those looking for an inexpensive solution to start. The last story I read involved over a year. Time is money and unless you have the knowledge and time to build your own website, I would highly recommend that you let Amanda do it for you.”
– Karen K. Trepte, GaijinWorks International Business Coaching

“Amanda took some very vague ideas I had about my website/logo and somehow translated them into EXACTLY what I wanted. She patiently walked me through every step of the process and made it enjoyable. The finished product is more professional and user-friendly than I could have ever created on my own. I have gotten many compliments and positive feedback from experts in my industry. I honestly can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. I was surprised to see how quickly my site rose in the search ranks. I now rank 2nd behind a pet copywriter who specializes in SEO. How’s THAT for results? I recently signed a great client who found me by searching for “pet copywriter.” Because of my experience with you, I always recommend to others that they find a website designer who is not only good on the front end (what it looks like) but who truly understands the importance of SEO and how to integrate it on the back end.”
– Amber Carlton, Commahound Copywriting

“Your designs were consistent with the style that I told you I wanted. You were very responsive whenever I had questions or concerns. I appreciated that you had a system for communicating that kept track of our conversations. You were extremely professional but also really kind and very easy to work with. Sometimes, I really dread communicating with service providers, and I never dreaded emailing you or hearing from you. You made an uncomfortable process easy for me. I have a beautiful website that reflects my personality and my brand that I never could have created on my own. My site will be invaluable in building my business and getting more customers, and I have already gained new clients based on their review of my website. I also feel like I’m very lucky to have you as a resource because you’re always incredibly helpful when I have questions and you don’t mind me asking very basic questions. You have a wonderful combination of talent, skill, professionalism and kindness. You make the process easier for your clients and you provide a wonderful product. There really isn’t much more someone can ask for. In fact, I have already recommended you several times! I just want to thank you for being so great to work with. I was afraid to make this investment because I wasn’t sure if it would pay off, and because I didn’t really know how the finished product would turn out. Would it be good? Would you be easy to work with or difficult and non-responsive? Would the whole thing blow up in my face and end with me having wasted my money? But those concerns were unnecessary because everything was smooth sailing on this project. I would definitely use your services again in the future.”
– Catharine Zurbrugg, Life Coach

“I felt you were a good fit because I knew you knew what was important to me without having to really explain it all because we had both been through Marie Forleo’s B-School. I had my own personal resistance to investing in my website which when I chatted with you about it you were always open and easy to talk to. I never felt like you were forcing me to do something and you took the time to listen and advise to guide me to make the right choice for me. I like that I feel I can always reach out to you with questions and you’ll be there to answer them. I like the to-do lists and tasks I had to do. Breaking things up in bite sized pieces.”
– Mandy Horan, Health Coach

“Amanda is awesome! She created just what we were looking for, in record time. She provided important feedback and great insight with her design. We highly recommend Amanda for your web design projects! Thank YOU!”
– Kristin Schwarck, Axis Sports Medicine

“WOW!!! AMANDA!!! I love it! You are amazing!! … You are so creative! Thank you so much!!!!!”
“Website development is definitely something I was very unfamiliar with and you were very helpful during and after the project. I think you really try to figure out exactly what your clients want. It means the world when someone actually cares about the people they work with.”

– Misty, Nestling Novels

“Amanda is amazing! She went above and beyond my expectations. She worked diligently until we were 100% happy with the website. She also helped us maintain the website for months after the design was finished. I know that she is always available to answer my questions and help out anytime I run into problems.”
– Betsy Paiement, Snow Caps Sled Dogs

“Our business is KILLING IT this summer.” (one year follow-up after redesign with Paper & Crush)
– Orion Paiement, Snow Caps Sled Dogs

“Thank you for being so fabulously efficient & professional.”
– Susanna Harwood Rubin, Yoga Teacher, Author
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